SMP Training October 17 – 18 | Tampa, FL



2-Day Course
Oct 17th – 18th
Tampa, FL
Master Tech Jose A. Santiago

So many people have been asking for more information on what we do at STAR – Scalp Micropigmentation. Many aren’t even sure if this is something they really want to do! Why waste $5k and weeks of your time on something you might even pursue or even like doing?

Our 2-Day SMP Class allows you to learn the basics from the best in the industry at a low-level investment when it comes to your money and your time. Training is 2 days (Sunday-Monday) so you aren’t putting your life, job, or income on hold to learn something new.

After your training is completed, if you choose, we can offer you different options:

  1. You can join STAR as an Apprentice and be offered full time employment at one of our upcoming franchise locations
  2. You can become a Franchisee with one of our many franchise options and territories.

If you choose to join STAR as a franchisee or Scalp Tech you will have access to:

  • STAR extended monthly trainings
  • SMP devices and products
  • Babyliss products at Member pricing
  • All of Membranes SMP Pre/Post-Care products
  • STAR’s Marketing experts
  • All of the above to ensure the best results and unlimited support and success!

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