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Scalp Tattoo and How to Choose the Needles

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If you ask the technicians at STAR Micropigmentation, one of the most common questions they receive from clients is about the needles used for scalp tattoo. Many clients, as well as students, inquire about certain details about the needles, including their size.

Whether you want to make a career out of SMP or you plan to undergo the procedure, 

it is important to be educated on the needles used for scalp micropigmentation. Without having the proper knowledge of the types of needles used, you could undergo the procedure with a provider who may not use the correct needle. Some technicians may not even disclose information about the needle they are using, which is why it is crucial to ask all the necessary questions.

The same applies to students. If you want to make a living out of scalp micropigmentation, you should understand every single element involved. The needles may be small but they have a huge impact on the procedure. The wrong ones can easily result in dreadful and fake-looking hair follicles, which is not what SMP is about.

Important Facts Every SMP Client Has to Know

A common misconception among many SMP clients is that scalp micropigmentation and conventional tattoos are the same thing. After hearing the term “scalp tattoo,” they immediately conjure up images of huge, scary needles. However, there is nothing to fear about SMP. It is not the same as a regular tattoo and the needles used are certainly different.

In a few ways, SMP and body tattoos are similar. Scalp tattoo is often compared to permanent makeup as well. There are distinct differences, but they also have a few similarities. The techniques are not the same, but they all have a familiar concept. They use a specialized ink or pigment to improve the appearance of a certain part of the body. However, SMP is not only an aesthetic procedure because it can also cover up scars and other hair loss problems.

If you are suffering from hair loss but you do not want to go through a hair transplant, SMP is the best option for you. There is almost no downtime with many clients going back to work as quickly as two to three days after the procedure. It does entail a few maintenance tasks, such as making sure the head is dry and free from sweat for about four days.

With the benefits of scalp tattoo, there is no reason to avoid the procedure at all. If you have always been scared of needles and the pain associated with them, SMP should not worry you. The specialists at STAR Micropigmentation utilize smaller needles, which allow them to make incredibly precise dots on the client’s head. 

As a result, the micropigmented dots form realistic looking hair follicles. Another reason why the scalp tattoo is much different than the regular tattoo is that the needles do not result in high levels of pain. 

While there are a few methods used to minimize pain and prep the area, patients do not require numbing cream at all. The technicians at STAR Micropigmentation take the extra step to prep the area to ensure that it is free from dirt and oil.

Needles Used in SMP

The needles used in scalp micropigmentation vary in sizes and type, which would depend on the machine used. It is recommended to go to a trustworthy provider that offers SMP using a machine that is solely for this particular treatment. If you live in Tampa, Orlando, or Denver, you are in luck because you can easily gain access to the services that STAR Micropigmentation provides. The professionals here only use the Vytal device, which is the first ever machine that is specifically intended for tattooing the scalp.

The Vytal device has a handpiece, just like other standard tattoo machines. This device allows you to use needle cartridges, including generic ones and those that are of their own brand.

For SMP, round liners are utilized, which are configured to be either single or triple needle. There are a few disagreements as to whether or not a triple needle configuration (3RL) is much better than a single needle (1RL). Back in the day, many learners were taught to use single needle configurations, which is why they were commonplace several years back

However, times have changed, and more current technicians prefer three-point triples for their clients. You may be wondering now whether you should opt for 1RL or 3RL. Some providers may disagree that 3RL is superior while others would want to learn about 3RL right away. If you have already learned 1RL before, it does not mean you should forget about what you have learned. Some situations may even call for a combination of these two types.

Three-point needles are much lighter to work with. One reason behind this claim is that they can deposit suitable amounts of ink or pigment into the dermis. You may compare this configuration to an inkwell in which it acts almost the same way. 3RL works by holding the pigment and keeping it at the top of the needle where it should be.

Although not necessarily a disadvantage, 3RL is more geared toward pros. This formation requires very light pressure. This way, you are ensured that the size of the pigment deposited into the skin is an accurate representation of the actual hair follicles.

On the other hand, a single point needle does the same job. However, there were several complaints about it in the past, which was why 3RL needles were introduced. According to its users, 1RL tend to have retention problems, where they had to keep going back to their provider. The result was not how they expected, especially as time went on. This issue was due to the insufficiency of the amount of pigment stored into the skin. Since there is only one point used, the ink is not enough to create realistic looking hair.

However, there were also quite a number of clients who were happy with their procedures after using 1RL. With the correct technique, and a certified professional, it is possible to achieve the desired outcome. Just like with 3RL needles, regulating hand movements and the applied pressure is necessary. 

Single needles or 1RL tend to penetrate the skin easily. They are still around because some providers prefer them. Since they reach the skin without much resistance, the needles do not generate bounces whenever they touch the skin.

Other Needle Details

When it comes to size, the most common needle diameters are the following:

  • 0.20mm
  • 0.25mm
  • 0.30mm
  • 0.35mm

Single needles are typically available in 0.20, 0.25, and 0.35mm while triple needles exist in all sizes mentioned above. Interestingly, STAR Micropigmentation uses 0.17mm needles, which are smaller than the standard needle sizes mentioned above. The smaller diameter allows the needles to penetrate the skin yet there is little to no pain felt. Rest assured that throughout the whole procedure you will feel comfortable.

The needles are definitely not the same as the ones used for permanent makeup. PMU needles were probably the first ones that were available for SMP. As time passed, experts realized that it is better to use a needle exclusively for scalp tattoo procedures. Nevertheless, there are numerous providers that still use PMU needles.

These needles are not recommended for SMP though. They will not fit scalp micropigmentation devices. If you ever plan to use them, you will need a different cartridge to fit your device.

The type of needle, along with the size, is important for an SMP procedure. You want to achieve and replicate how a hair follicle looks like when it is shaved. The dot, therefore, should have the correct impression and size. Also, it should not easily wear out.

The needles are essential in reaching your goal of covering a bald spot. However, the pressure that the technician applied, as well as the technique, and machine used, also plays a role in the overall look of the result.

STAR Micropigmentation offers a three-day course that tackles everything you need to know about scalp micropigmentation. You will learn all the fundamentals, including the best needles for SMP. Even better, all students will get the chance to use the Vytal Scalp Device, which is a device specifically created for scalp tattoo procedures. 

Scalp Micropigmentation and All the Instruments Needed

Scalp Micropigmentation and All the Instruments Needed 

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Learning the basics about scalp micropigmentation is essential for anyone who wants to start training to become a certified micropigmentation technician. You may also wish to understand more about scalp micropigmentation before you let a professional do the work. Although you do not truly have to do anything during the procedure, it always helps to be educated on the process.

Everyone wants to look their best right from the moment they wake up. Whether you are a man or a woman, you know that your hair has a huge impact on your overall appearance and confidence. Unfortunately, age, stress, and health issues can affect your hair. Your hair’s volume and growth can significantly decrease over time, which can even lead to bald spots.

The great news is that you can make your hair look thicker without the need for hair transplants. The answer to your problem is here: a scalp micropigment procedure. STAR Micropigmentation has the best professionals that you can seek, whether you are in Tampa/Orlando in Florida or even in Denver, Colorado.

The wonderful benefits of scalp micropigmentation will never be possible without a state-of-the-art device.

The Scalp Micropigment Device

The device that will be used to make microdots on your head will depend on your provider. It is the most important tool to accomplish the look that you want, aside from the skill of the professional. You should always ask the provider about the device they will utilize.

At STAR Micropigmentation, Vytal is the only device used. It is specially designed for scalp micropigmentation, which is why it is the best option available. Other devices that are out in the market, and those that other companies use, are not solely for scalp micropigment procedures. Some devices can also be utilized for defining the brows and lips.

On the provider’s side, a multipurpose tool is indeed beneficial. The company will no longer have to purchase different devices for each of the procedures they offer. After all, it can be quite expensive to buy a single device for scalp micropigmentation, another for permanent makeup for the eyebrows, and one more for the lips.

Unlike other providers, STAR Micropigmentation uses a Vytal device that is specifically for scalp micropigmentation and no other procedures. Using the Vytal SMP Concept, the small machine can meet the demands of any rigorous scalp micropigmentation procedure. 

The Vytal device’s engineering is based on the SMP process, taking into consideration the needs of scalp micropigmentation professionals. The device mainly consists of two vital parts: the handpiece and the control unit. The handpiece is designed so the specialist can hold it confidently without the fear of dropping this pen-like item. The Vytal device is created with ergonomics in mind so that the SMP artist or provider can comfortably and easily use the tool

The other piece of the device is the control unit, which is quite powerful, aiding the technician with its easy to read monitor. At the same time, the control unit delivers power to the handpiece without interruptions. The ink is deposited quickly into the tool so the procedure is consistent and will give the most natural result

Benefits of the Vytal Scalp Micropigmentation Device

If you are learning to become a scalp micropigment artist, you need the best device that you can use. Patients will only trust you if they see that you utilize an effective and high-quality tool for the process. It is exactly what the Vytal device offers and why we use and sell this device at STAR Micropigmentation.

Aside from being the first ever scalp micropigmentation system exclusively designed for this purpose, the Vytal device also gives other benefits. Whether you are new to the procedure or you have been doing it for some time now, you will certainly prefer a tool that is lightweight. This way, you can easily create micropigments on the head of your client. These pigments should look as natural as possible. You cannot deliver such a result if the pen or handpiece is heavy.

The device is not only lightweight but also operates with vibrations that are almost unnoticeable. Other tools can become quite uncomfortable because of their vibrating pens. The vibration can cause a few issues for both the professional and the client undergoing a long session.

The Vytal device also comes with an ink cartridge that can be used safely. It also effectively minimizes the undesirable flow of ink in the reverse direction, known as ink backflow. The procedure can, therefore, be carried out with no mistakes and unwanted stains.

As the client, on the other hand, you will see how beneficial it is when the device operates properly. Overall, the session can quickly be finished in three hours or even less, depending on your case. Additionally, the Vytal device has been proven to be gentle on the skin. Therefore, you will not experience a lot of pain and trauma, causing your scalp to heal faster.

Other Essential Items

While the Vytal device is the star of the scalp micropigment procedure, there are also other essentials used to complete the treatment. Needles, just like the device, are significant as well. The type of needles used will once again depend on the provider. 

Round liners are required, just like with tattoos and they are either in single or triple needle configurations. Vytal has its own cartridges and they are specifically designed to work with the device. While there is no right or wrong choice between 1RL and 3RL needles, the latter type is preferred these days. However, some providers use a combination of both.

Measurements are also crucial, so be sure to ask about the size of the needles. Some artists use bigger ones, which will not help you achieve a natural look. At STAR Micropigmentation, you will only see needles that are 0.17mm, which are the smallest option for the most realistic results. Make sure you stay away from providers that use 0.30mm or bigger, which are quite common in tattoo artists.

The SMP procedure mostly begins with the insertion of pigment into the skin’s upper layer, the dermis. Using the device and the needle, a microdroplet of the ink will be applied onto the head of the client. To reach the dermis, the upper layer, which is the epidermis, should be perforated. It can be quite uncomfortable, which is why the best device should be used with proper prepping as well

Aside from the device and needles, other items used include:

  • Pigment Ink: 

Providers use different quality pigments for their procedure. The best option for you is an organic-based pigment. It delivers natural results, giving you hair follicle impressions that will not give black dots that do not look realistic at all. The pigment ink can be dark, medium or light, depending on the natural hair color, as well as the preference of the client. If you have naturally black hair, dark skin, or both, you will mostly get the best results with a dark pigment. Meanwhile, the light pigment is a better choice for those with light brown or blonde hair and those with fair skin. The pigments can be mixed together to create the perfect illusion of a full head of hair.

  • Gloves: 

Nitrile gloves are the best option for the procedure. Look for soft, comfortable, and elastic gloves if you will perform scalp micropigmentation to your first client. These gloves allow you to move your hands properly. While wearing them, you should still be able to feel the skin. At the same time, a textured surface is preferred so slips are avoided. Gloves should be free from latex to prevent an allergic reaction from the client. 

  • Wipes: 

Any treatment procedure should have disinfecting wipes ready. As much as possible, the wipes should be hospital-grade with low pH to get rid of bacteria and germs effectively.

Prepping the skin is absolutely critical. Aside from making sure that the client is comfortable throughout the procedure, prep pads containing 70% isopropyl alcohol can help keep the skin clean. It may also help in creating an outline for the hairline.

  • Hairline Guide Kit: 

For beginners and even experts, a hairline guide kit is extremely helpful. It makes the drawing process quicker and more precise, especially if you are just starting out. You want a guide that allows the client to see what their future hairline looks like.

  • Soap: 

Blood and pigment can be difficult to remove without proper treatment. Use the right soap to get rid of dried blood. Green soap can also be used to clean the needles before they are sterilized.

As with any treatment, it is not possible to get the best results without high-quality scalp micropigment device and tools. They should go hand in hand with a trained professional to deliver the most realistic-looking pigments.

If you are a scalp micropigmentation technician who is in the market to obtain the highest quality and most effective SMP device in the industry, contact STAR Micropigmentation today to purchase a Vytal device. Our shop also offers accompanying tools such as pigment ink, gloves, wipes, etc. for purchase.

smp procedure

The Scalp Micropigment Procedure Facts

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For most people with hair problems, such as male or female pattern baldness, hair transplant might be the only solution. However, your options are no longer limited to invasive procedures and those that do not work, such as shampoos. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is an excellent choice for those who want to bring back the thickness of their hair.

If you are suffering from a form of alopecia, you are not alone. According to statistics, androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in men, accounting for over 95%. Women also are affected, with around 40% of them showing signs of hair loss by the age of 40.

Who is Scalp Micropigment For?

To determine if you are a good candidate for SMP, you will need to visit STAR Micropigmentation for a consultation. The good news is most people can go through the scalp micropigment procedure. It is a simplified process that does not involve chemicals or even opening up the skin. If you have any of the following, you will find SMP beneficial for you:

  • You have visible scars that you may have acquired while you were younger. If you have always been conscious of them, you can turn to scalp micropigmentation to cover the spot. The procedure is also great for those with linear scarring after an outdated hair restoration treatment.
  • You have hair loss but it is not at an advanced stage yet. If you still have hair but thinning is quite noticeable, you may not want to go for a robotic hair transplant. The procedure can be over the top for those who are still at the early stages of male or female pattern baldness.
  • Some people may not be an ideal candidate for hair transplants. In transplants, hair is taken from another side of the head where hair loss does not take place. Therefore, if you are experiencing baldness or thinning all over, a hair transplant is not advised. Instead, SMP is a better solution.
  • Scalp micropigment is great for those who often shave their hair. If some spots are noticeably thinner, SMP will help cover those areas. At the same time, your head will still look natural.
  • If you have a health condition, such as thyroid issues or lupus, it can result in hair loss. Some medications also cause the problem but you do not have to suffer from this particular side effect.

Another reason why you should get SMP is if you had a poorly done hair treatment in the past. If you dealt with practitioners who did not have the proper training, they may have caused unappealing results. Turn to the real experts at STAR Micropigmentation. They can correct the bad procedure that you went through so you can go out without covering your head again.

The Process

Scalp micropigmentation is often compared to tattooing. Both processes involve the use of needles that apply pigments onto the skin. SMP gives the appearance that you have tiny yet natural looking hair follicles. It gives the illusion that you have a full head of hair while adding density to the balding areas.

While traditional tattooing and SMP are similar, their techniques differ greatly. SMP requires a professional who knows how to use a complex technique that can replicate the hair follicles. To understand better, here is how the procedure goes

  1. You will have your initial consultation with STAR Micropigmentation. This appointment is crucial to help the experts understand your situation, along with the results that you wish to achieve. You will be guided through the whole process so you can decide correctly, particularly with the style that looks best for your head. A plan of action will then be created to reach the goal and the appearance that you are going for.
  1. The treatment will be scheduled once all the requirements are fulfilled. The practitioner will make sure to have all the necessary details about you, including the shape and positioning of your hairline, the shade, and density of the pigments, and others.
  1. The next step is for you to visit the office and have the procedure. With years of experience, the experts will know exactly what to do. If it is your first time with any hair treatment, the goal is to make you feel comfortable right from the start. Therefore, the approach is minimal and conservative, which helps achieve the best result in the end. Since it is the first session, the method is to simply lay the basics of your new look.
  1. For the treatment, microneedles will be used, dotting your scalp, specifically the dermal layer, in precise motions. It is why the process gives the most realistic results.
  1. The SMP treatment typically takes about three hours during the initial treatment. The duration will depend on the condition of the client, as well as the coverage required. The second and third sessions will normally take less time.

Once you are done with the treatment, you will immediately notice that your scalp is red. This effect is normal and will usually go away within a few days. Some people easily get rid of the redness the next day. While healing, the immune system will attack these pigments after realizing they are foreign bodies. As a result, they will shrink and gradually fade. It is why the second and third sessions are necessary until you get the correct shade.

Most of the time, a lighter pigment is applied at the first session and the following ones get a darker color. The different pigments help make the outcome look natural.

Other Facts about the Scalp Micropigment Procedure

Pigmentation treatments have been around for quite some time. Some reports claim that it has existed since the 1970s. However, the procedures only became what they are now in 2002. The first ever treatment that was made public was in 2006.

Scalp micropigmentation is often performed for patients who are balding and some with hairline issues. However, the procedure is also an excellent option for those who have hair loss due to burns or after surgery. Many with blemishes, marks, and scars turn to SMP to hide these imperfections.

If you plan to go through the procedure, the following details will help you get to know more about it:

  • It is almost pain-free. Many patients say that they have experienced mild discomfort while having the procedure. It is especially true for the initial stage. However, the discomfort gradually goes away during the same session, making it more tolerable for even those with sensitive skin. If you do not want any pain, anesthetics can always be applied to the area. Nevertheless, SMP does not hurt as much as having a tattoo and even a hair transplant.
  • The recovery is quick and almost instant. Some people may see that their scalp is quite red so they do not want to go out until it lessens. For most patients, however, they can go back to work the following day.
  • If you are worried about the side effects, you will be happy to know that there is little to no side effects at all. Of course, your scalp will look a little red and the dots appear to be darker and bigger than you may want. However, these minimal issues will go away while your skin heals. Tiny scabs will be where the dotted areas are but they will fall off in no time.
  • The SMP treatment is mostly associated with men but it is also for women. If you take a look at the pictures of the results, most involve men. However, women can also benefit from the procedure. Most men go for SMP to gain the look of a shaved head. Meanwhile, women opt for the treatment to make the hair look thicker. The process involves reducing the contrast between the hair follicle and the scalp itself.
  • Women who plan to go through the procedure do not need to shave their heads. A practitioner will part the hair in multiple sections and will apply the pigment to gain a “shaded” scalp. The result is thicker-looking hair because the difference between the scalp and hair color is difficult to see.

Once you are done with the procedure, maintenance is easy. You may need to avoid sweating after the treatment. You may also have to stay away from washing your head or using shampoos and other products. This solution can last for four years or more depending on how you care for it. If you are ready to see your head with fuller hair, talk to a STAR Micropigmentation specialist today.


Vytal Devices and Training

Hair Tattoo and Its Benefits

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Baldness is a common problem in men. In fact, about two-thirds of the male population begins to lose their locks even before they reach 50. Some experience hair loss by the age of 35 while some see the first signs of male pattern baldness in their early 20s.

The condition, however, is not limited to men. Women also experience hair loss by the time they are 40 years old. The good news is that there are options for treating hair thinning, including taking medications and hair transplants. While they seem to be a common solution, many men and women are turning to scalp micropigmentation (SMP) or hair tattoo at STAR Micropigmentation.

A Quick Overview on the Procedure

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that helps both men and women in many ways. It is used to restore hairlines that recede due to aging, hormonal imbalance, stress, and other issues. SMP is also useful in helping the remaining hair appear thicker. In other cases, people opt for the procedure to hide transplant scarring.

Most often, the treatment is performed in three sessions. However, there are some individuals who only need two. The actual duration and number of sessions will depend on the style you want and the extent of hair loss among others

SMP involves microneedles, which the specialist will use to layer pigments on the scalp. The whole procedure resembles tattooing and it is why it is also known as hair tattooing. The difference between conventional tattoo and hair tattoo is that Scalp Micropigmentation is a more sophisticated and specialized procedure. Also, the Vytal device used has a unique stroke to implant pigment in the upper dermis perfectly, tattoos go past the dermal. Our Vytal needles are the smallest made at .17mm with stabilization to ensure precise follicle impressions, a tattoo artist typically uses big needles starting at .30mm. Our organic charcoal based pigments create a natural hair follicle impression, while tattoo artists use inks that will just leave black dots. This technique is highly technical and should only be done by licensed and trained specialists.

When done correctly, the tiny pigment dots, which are tattooed on the dermal layer of the skin, will give the illusion that you had your head shaved fully.

Why Should You Choose Scalp Micropigmentation

With all the other options for treating hair thinning and baldness, you may be wondering why you should opt for SMP. STAR Micropigmentation has licensed professionals who will help you achieve the following benefits of the procedure:

  1. Gain your confidence back.

You cannot deny that you are losing self-esteem because your hair is not as thick as it used to be. The condition affects how people see and feel about themselves. It causes them to feel that they are no longer attractive. With SMP, you will see your scalp and hair look better, which can help regain your confidence.

  1. You get a clear picture of the procedure and the results.

If you take a look at the products and treatments available on the market, you will find that they have huge claims. Some say you can grow your hair back in just a few weeks while others claim to regrow your hair completely. Sadly, most of these products have no positive effects at all. Many men and women are desperate to find the solution to their hair problem and these companies take advantage of them.

The difference with hair tattoo is that there are no false claims. The first step toward the procedure is with a professional. You will be briefed about the whole process and you will see how your scalp will look like after the treatment. SMP is not for re-growing hair and it never claims to give such results. Rather, it uses pigments that cover bald areas, making them look more appealing.

  1. It is not an expensive treatment.

Unlike other methods of dealing with hair loss, SMP is affordable. Even better, it delivers results. Many products, such as shampoos and hair tonics that guarantee hair regrowth within weeks are extremely expensive. However, they do not live up to their promise.

Hair transplants do work but not everyone can get them because of the high cost involved. SMP is just a fraction of a hair transplant procedure, which can go up to $20,000. Scalp micropigmentation is permanent and does not require any maintenance medications after the treatment. You get the look you desire without breaking the bank.

  1. The procedure is entirely safe.

SMP does not need to use chemicals, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions in patients. In most cases, there are no side effects, making it a great option for those with sensitivities. The procedure is also non-invasive, which means it does not require incisions. This method also greatly lowers the risk of infection.

For some people, the only concern they have is with the needle. Those who fear the needle do not have to worry about the whole process. It is only used to add pigments on the middle part of the skin, which is the dermis. Before the procedure, you will be given a local anesthetic, which keeps SMP virtually pain-free.

  1. Scalp micropigmentation is simple and fast.

The entire procedure is not as complex as it may seem. In essence, it is very similar to skin tattooing and therefore only requires a couple of sessions most of the time. In most situations, it should only take a few hours. Right after the first session, you will already see a huge difference. Once you complete the two or three procedures, you will get the hairline you have always wanted. It is instant, so you do not have to wait for a few days or weeks to get dramatic results.

  1. Healing is also fast.

Another great benefit of a hair tattoo is that it does not take long before your scalp heals. For most patients, it should only take a few days or less than a week. You do not have to take a long break from work after the procedure. Many people can get back to their duties in just two days.

As mentioned, SMP is non-invasive, which is why it is a fast healing process. You do not have to change dressings and discomfort is quite minimal. You may feel slight pain but it goes away quickly. Of course, it requires you to take care of the area that underwent the procedure. However, it mainly involves cleaning and some protection, which will be discussed below.

  1. After the procedure, maintaining the results of the treatment is easy.

One of the reasons why SMP is the preferred option of men and women in Tampa and Orlando is that it requires very little maintenance. Make sure that you listen to the STAR Micropigmentation specialist who will give you advice and recommendations. Take note of the tips that will help you to preserve the look for a long time. This way, no touchups will be necessary.

To maintain the new appearance of your scalp, you will only have to wash it thoroughly to ensure it is clean. You do not require expensive products and you also do not have to waste a lot of time for styling. However, when you head out, make sure that you always protect your head.

  1. The result is natural-looking.

You can wear a wig for a temporary and cheaper option. However, it will not look realistic. With a hair tattoo procedure, you will have real-looking hair. While the treatment does not give you your hair back, it applies pigments that match your actual hair color and skin tone. Therefore, these pigments look like a natural part of your head even up close.

  1. You will look younger.

Baldness is often perceived as a sign of aging. Feeling old will make you look old, which could lead to a loss of confidence. Bring your self-esteem back while feeling younger with the help of SMP. Whether you are a man or woman, you will feel instantly better after seeing the results of the procedure. You will no longer hide your head under a wig or a hat. It is life-changing, giving you the boost that you have always needed.

  1. SMP lasts for a long time.

Scalp micropigmentation, when cared for properly, can last for years. It is a permanent tattoo so you never have to worry about the pigments falling out. It can fade if you do not follow the maintenance steps but it can quickly be restored in just two sessions. Another great thing about SMP is that it can be updated if you wish to change your hairstyle.

Hair tattoo is for anyone who wants to bring back their confidence or hide their imperfections. If you have a scar on your head or you simply want to fill those gaps in your head, you can turn to the procedure to solve your woes. If you are ready to start, contact STAR Micropigmentation today.


Scalp Micropigmentation: Is It Right for You

Scalp Micropigmentation: Is It Right for You

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For most people, hair thinning and hair loss are related to aging. If you begin to lose your hair as you grow older, you will most likely accept the fact that it is a part of life. However, if you start going bald before you hit 40, you probably have a different reaction. Instead of feeling relaxed and accepting, you could react with a sense of urgency.

As you look for potential cures, you may have come across scalp micropigmentation. About 40% of men who experience hair loss or male pattern baldness by 35 would want to solve the problem. As for women, less than 50% of the female population tends to keep a full head of hair for the rest of their lives.

Reversing male and female pattern baldness is often impossible. As of this day, despite the progress of modern technology, it is still not treatable. However, there are procedures that you can go through to help improve the look of your thinning hair. With STAR Micropigmentation, it is possible for you to have artificial, yet natural-looking hair.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

In essence, micropigmentation for the scalp is a treatment that resembles body tattoos. However, instead of having the procedure on the body, it is performed on the scalp. It does not mean though that scalp pigmentation and cosmetic tattooing are the same. There are similarities but they are completely different

Scalp micropigmentation is a medical tattoo that helps improve the look of the hairline. It is non-surgical and less invasive than other treatments. The procedure uses needles, ink, and a device that are all designed especially for it. The result is a replication of how natural pigments of hair appear on a balding scalp.

The pigments are made of iron oxide, which is injected to the second layer of the skin called the dermis. The procedure does not usually happen in just one sitting. Often, you have to complete a few sessions to make sure you achieve the look that you are going for.

Small dots are applied on the scalp, mimicking the way the hair follicles appear on the head. One thing that you have to know about scalp micropigmentation is that it does not boost the growth of your hair follicles. The treatment is for aesthetic purposes only.

It will also not minimize your hair loss as time goes. However, it is a successful recreation of your hair pigments, making it look like you have your previous hairline. Men benefit from this type of procedure because it gives them the appearance of a scalp that looks like it has been shaved deliberately.

On the other hand, scalp micropigmentation for women is best for restoring confidence that is lost because of hair loss or thinning.

Who is Scalp Micropigmentation For?

Scalp micropigmentation is for everyone, whether you are a man or a woman. A common misconception is that baldness only happens to men. However, women can also have the same problem, especially as they grow older. Even younger women suffer from hair loss. Genetics is an important factor since the hair follicles have DNA in them. Therefore, those with parents or even grandparents who may have had the hair issue will most likely go through the same experience.

Hormones also play a role in hair thinning and balding. Some men are predisposed to balding because they have hair follicles that become oversensitive to dihydrotestosterone. Being sensitive to the mentioned hormone can lead to hair follicle shrinkage, which is a cause of thinner and finer hair. Eventually, it will stop growing.

Age also impacts hair growth, along with other factors, such as excessive alcohol consumption. Some medications can cause balding in both men and women. STAR Micropigmentation procedures are designed for those who need assistance in either male or female pattern baldness.

If you are in Orlando or Tampa, Florida, STAR Micropigmentation can help you gain your confidence back. Whether you are suffering from hair loss, male or female pattern baldness, or alopecia, STAR has the solution for your hair woes. Micropigmentation may also be the solution you have been waiting for to add density to your hair or even cover up your scars on your head. It works well with hair transplants, particularly if you had a bad treatment that needs to be concealed.

What to Expect During and After the Procedure

After the consultation and you have decided which style is best for you, the next step is to have your appointment scheduled. It should be noted that the procedure can take several sessions depending on your needs. However, the experts at STAR have learned through their many years of experience that being conservative on the first treatment of the client is the best approach.

Therefore, the initial procedure will typically involve laying the foundation that will allow you to achieve the look you want. Usually, clients see that their scalp has turned red after the first treatment. It is a normal reaction, so you should not panic if you see that your scalp looks inflamed. This reaction will go away after a day

During the second treatment, the process will become a bit more detailed than the first one. The impressions are more prominent, giving you a darker shade than the initial session. You will see that the second treatment is where the result of the entire procedure will be visible. You should be able to envision what your scalp will look like once the treatment is completed.

The new look is achieved often at this point. If you are not happy with the result or you have more requests, you should handle it around this time.

A third procedure may be necessary if you want additions to the process. Perhaps you would like to get a darker hue. If it is the case, this session will be scheduled. Aftercare is as important as the treatment, which is why you should listen to the technician if you received any specific instructions.

As much as possible, you should stay away from the sun because the UV rays can damage the pigments, causing them to fade quickly.

Where to Find the Best Specialists for Micropigmentation in Orlando or Tampa

You should never trust just anyone for this procedure. Some people make the mistake of having a tattoo artist perform micropigmentation for them. Perhaps because they think both are the same. While scalp micropigmentation is often compared to cosmetic tattoos, they have significant differences. You should always go to a licensed expert to make sure you have the best results. More importantly, you will not suffer from any consequences just because you wanted to save money.

Just like with other cosmetic treatments, you should always look for the best and most reliable professionals out there. If you are in Tampa or Orlando, you are in luck because STAR Micropigmentation has specialists who have the experience and knowledge to deliver high-quality results

STAR’s specialists are involved in every detail. Therefore, if you have any questions, they will be able to answer them. The goal is to make sure that you are comfortable at all times from consultation to the final session.

Each client’s requirements are unique. The consultation is where it all begins. You will simply talk to one of the specialists at STAR. It is a necessary step so you can relay the results that you would like to achieve. The experts will tell you how the procedure will be performed. It is tailored based on your specific needs, which will allow you to get the desired effects that you have been longing for.

Your communication with STAR does not end after the completion of your treatment. You will get continued support in case you have more requests, such as having a darker pigment.

STAR makes sure that ink is implanted with careful and skillful precision. The goal is to match the color of your hair and make it seem like natural hair growth. Often, the addition of a shadow is necessary, which gives the illusion of three-dimensional appearance. The process is not as painful as it may look like but a few clients may require anesthesia to tolerate the entire treatment.

The treatment is administered as gently as possible. Scalp micropigmentation is minimally invasive and typically lasts less than 3 hours. Despite the rapid session, the results will look natural. After you are done with the procedure, you can go home and resume normal activities. However, be sure to listen to aftercare advice, such as protecting your scalp from the damaging sun.

Whether you want to lower your current hairline, add density to your thinning hair, or create an underlying effect, you can count on STAR to help solve your hair loss situation.

Micropigmentation: An In-Depth Look

Micropigmentation: An In-Depth Look

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Anyone can suffer from hair problems, such as hair thinning. There are various causes of the condition, including genes, stress, and other health issues like thyroid disease. If you are in Tampa or Orlando, STAR Micropigmentation has the answer to your problem.

However, before you start the procedure, it is necessary that you know what it entails. Micropigmentation is for people who have a problem with their hair thickness and appearance. If it is causing you to lose your self-confidence, it may be the perfect solution for your problem.

What Exactly is Micropigmentation?

You probably know the treatment as semi-permanent makeup. Many people in Florida, especially Tampa and Orlando, are seeking the procedure because it is effective. It can work on almost anyone with hair thinning issues.

PMU or micropigmentation is an innovative method that involves depositing mineral pigments right into the second or middle layer of the skin known as the dermis. The mineral pigments are made from hypoallergenic components. Therefore, if you are sensitive, there should be no worries about getting a bad reaction after the treatment.

Micropigmentation is not only for the scalp but also for the areas of the face with hair. It can even be used on the lips to enhance them. The procedure involves the use of ultra-thin needles, along with the ink or pigment. It will be used to shape the eyebrows and lips.

Micropigmentation usually involves 20 formations of needles, alongside the digital device. The specialist will take a look at the condition of the client and decide which needle (or needles) is correct for the procedure.

As for the pigment, its job is to penetrate the middle layer of the skin effectively. While it is not as deep as with tattoos, the effect lasts for a long time. Since it is a long-lasting procedure, it is also often referred to as permanent makeup (PMU).

It is essential to pick the right needle formations for each patient. This way, crisp and realistic looking hair will be created. Every impression is carefully performed, which is why it is crucial that you only go to a micropigmentation specialist in Tampa or Orlando.

Micropigmentation vs. Other Treatments

Since the procedure works mostly with people who have hair thinning issues, many individuals confused it with other treatments. There are even “professionals” who provide it as a service, calling it as a cosmetic tattoo. The other procedure is mainly involved with eyebrows and eyeliner or waterline tattoos.

There is an important difference between micropigmentation and other treatments. The pigments used for micropigmentation are presented into the dermis, which is not as deep as with tattoos. Additionally, they do not have the same composition. While the procedure is almost similar, you cannot use a metal-based tattoo pigment with micropigmentation. It can cause extreme side effects, including toxicity. It can also lead to the migration of the ink right into another layer of the skin. Unfortunately, it can leave uneven spots, blotches, and dark marks.

Another reason why the tattoo artist should not be the person to perform micropigmentation for you is that the machine is not designed for the job. Micropigmentation is an extremely delicate process.

The needles used in tattooing, as well as the coil tattoo machines, can reach a much deeper layer. It is why you can see various colors, such as blue or gray eyeliners, eyebrows, and even lip liners that have purplish hues. These cold undertones are only achieved when the pigments reach deeper than the dermis. Another issue is that tattooing uses a dissimilar technique. Therefore, you cannot get a realistic effect.

With micropigmentation, the process is more demanding and thorough. In order to get that desired natural effect, the bounce technique to create follicle impressions should be performed. This technique involves drawing the hair follicle impressions one by one. If you want a multidimensional result that truly provides corrections, you should opt for micropigmentation over cosmetic tattoos.

If you have been told that you can only achieve results that look as real as natural hair through microblading, it is a false claim. There have been several pieces of evidence that showed that micropigmentation is the best way to get the most realistic looking follicles of hair.

Whether you are planning to have your eyebrow, scalp, or eyeliner treated, you will see the huge difference with micropigmentation. The procedure depends on your taste. For instance, if your aim is to have “micropigmented” eyebrows, you can choose to have a treatment involving individual hairs. On the other hand, you can also select a shaded effect that will make your eyebrows always look on point.

Unlike tattoos, micropigmentation uses hypoallergenic mineral pigments that are introduced into the dermal layer. The devices used are also much more sophisticated compared to a tattoo machine. The techniques are also distinguishable.

Therefore, you should never go to a tattoo artist to have a micropigmentation procedure for your scalp. These artists are not trained with the proper techniques and knowledge. Instead of saving money and solving your problem, it can get worse.

The Procedure

Micropigmentation procedures can vary from one clinic to another. It will also depend on the situation of the client. However, it mostly involves the following processes:

  1. After the consultation, the patient will have an idea as to how the final treatment will look like.
  2. The procedure will be scheduled.
  3. Before starting, a numbing cream will be applied about 30 minutes before the micropigmentation process.
  4. The anesthetic cream will be generously applied a few times even if the procedure has already commenced. This way, any uncomfortable pain will be prevented.
  5. Tricopigmentation, which is the name for scalp micropigmentation, will be performed.
  6. A thin needle, along with the hypoallergenic mineral pigment will be applied into the dermis. The process will lightly enhance the look of the hair on your head. Note that it can also be performed on your eyebrows, lips, and even your eyes.

The specialist should always wear gloves during the procedure. Proper protection is needed at this time to prevent spreading germs. Micropigmentation is less invasive and can be completed in less than three hours depending on the size of the area that requires the treatment.

After the procedure, you can go home but make sure that you always keep the scalp clean and moisturized. Otherwise, it can result in a bacterial infection. You should keep your scalp dry for 4 days, then wash. You can ask your technician how to properly clean the area.

Correct aftercare is essential because it will lead to longer lasting permanent makeup and will also give better-looking results. Healing the area and caring for it the right way will decrease the need for touch-ups in the future.

The STAR Micropigmentation Difference

STAR Micropigmentation offers various results that suit your preferences. Whether you want the look to be natural, intense, or even soft, you can achieve it. Another great thing is that you will have no issues no matter what your skin type is because the procedure will work just fine.

The experts only use the best device and the right needles for the process. VYTAL is the scalp device designed for micropigmentation. It guarantees the best results, looking as natural as possible. Along with VYTAL, STAR also uses high-quality tools and products that are created specifically for the procedure. This way, you will get a realistic look at the end of the treatment

STAR is serious when it comes to the results. Your aim is to have a natural looking hair treatment, which is what the pros also want you to achieve. The session is performed two to three times, depending on your situation. The first step is to figure out the best treatment for you.

To see how it will look like after the procedure, you will be shown a draft of the result. It will give you a close idea as to how the final appearance will be once you have completed the sessions. STAR makes sure that you remain in contact with the experts. If a touch-up is necessary, it will be performed at the right moment, usually after a month or so.

In the second session, the shade will be enhanced, giving you a perfectly natural looking finish. If you are still unhappy with the result, such as you want to increase the color or the boldness of the pigments, another touch-up can be scheduled. The great thing about micropigmentation is that the procedures are not as harmful to the skin as with a regular body tattoo.

Whether you need to camouflage scars on your head or to add more density to your hair, STAR Micropigmentation is the answer. Book an appointment today.